From the Car

On the way over to Stockbridge, Larry and I stopped in Rhinebeck.  Brunch at Bread Alone very good, although quite buzzing with constant activity.  I HAD to go to Winter Sun, Summer Moon, where we found a fabulous Salt Crystal Lamp.

I had hesitated on buying a frivolity, but it was a good call, Larry. It sits on Carol's angel table, casting a warm glow in the darkened room, throwing out oh-so-wonderful negative ions out in the air to counter balance the positive ions that my computer bombards me with as I type.

I could not leave town without stopping into Rhinebeck Artists Shop, owned by my neighbor Doug.  I had never been there before and could not resist taking a look and a sniff (oh how I love the smell of art supplies).  I bought some Strathmore Sugar Cane Cards to try out, as I have wanted to be greener in the work that I put out into the world.  No more virgin fiber cards!!!!   I also bought a lovely Pentalic Recycled Drawing Book.

We weren't quite to Hillsdale when I spied a landscape that came too fast for the camera.
Focus, light, color, mental click, observe from another direction, another mental click. I whipped out my new sketchbook, but did not have a pen within reach.  Larry graciously lent me his pen and it was quite the honor  to sketch with his ball point, as anyone who knows Larry - knows does not lend his things out!

The photo above is the sketch, a impression of a fleeting landscape.   I may submit this sketch along with another to this month's WAAM show - the call for entry being mock-ups, sketches and such. 

Comments always welcomed.

Oh, and here's the lamp.
Peace Out, Patti O Glow


Andrea said…
That is a lovely sketch, Patti. You are so talented!

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