A Bergman Night

These days it feels like I am living inside of a Bergman film. 

When I am not at school, I spend the remainder of my spare time keeping busy.  I  hope that busy hands makes for empty mind, but as busy as I keep the hands, I cannot help but be mired in thought about the my current life challenges.  I walk with trepidation,  as around every corner is a sinister clown holding a placard with the next challenge. 

And all the time the film is playing, the snow is falling and it always feels like night.

I have to be brave I tell myself.  I have to go forward. 
But I want to put my hand up and say "I want a time out from all of this!!!" 

 I HATE having to grow up and realize that there are NO time outs.

And the little child in me whimpers and cries and wants to be assured that everyone lives happily ever after. Forever. And ever.


Andrea said…
I think it's time for you to watch "La Dolce Vita". It doesn't make a lot of sense, but at least it takes place in sunny, beautiful Italy. Time to take a dip in the Fontana di Trevi!

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