To Miracles and Magic

I have spent my past few blogs whining about this and that...telling my stories with as much humor as I can muster.  I tell these stories not as a victim, but as a survivor who finds ways to deal with life in hopes that I will inspire, comfort, and humor my readers, as well as myself.  

What I have neglected to tell you is that over the past several weeks, there have been little bursts of magic that have graced my life in between the difficulties, and they have arrived in many different forms.

Like the check I got from my mortgage company for the left over money in my escrow account which got me out of the hole that I was in.  Or the card that my co-workers gave me filled with enough money to buy a round trip ticket to Nashville so that I can help Megan.  Or the gift of cookies that I found outside my door (and let me tell you, Karin's cookies are no ordinary cookies...she is from Germany and these cookies are HEAVENLY).  A homemade loaf of bread. A red rose. A lovely photo that a Facebook friend who doesn't even know me is sending to me to bring to my daughter.  A beautiful piece of art  I won from a comment I posted on an artist's blog....which was written from my heart.  Some of these gifts have made me cry--tears of joy --  knowing that there is so much love in the world, and I am grateful to have been blessed with it.  I celebrate the miracle of feeling whole in having learned how to accept love and to give it.  It's been a long journey to come to this place.

Tonight's photo was taken from inside my house looking out into the driveway.  I like its nebulous  space from the reflections- off to find that space in the world of dreams.



tangled stitch said…
When my son was very little we were walking on the beach and he lost his water shoe. As he started to get upset I told him God never takes anything away without replacing it. So I know your wonderful post about love and generosity in a time of hardship is always true. Blessings and prayers!

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