A Day in the Studio

I spent at least four hours in the studio this afternoon, designing and creating art. It was four blessed hours that I tried not to think about the complications in my life, and I did not take the portable phone in with me as I did not want to break my quietude with conversation.

I am worked on several projects, one being thank you stationery to write to each person who signed my card and made a contribution at work.  I got exactly the amount for a plane ticket to Kentucky to see Megan from my amazing and thoughtful co-workers, and I want to design each friend a one-of-a-kind note

I am making memory/scrap books in my Women's Studies/Art class, and am working one step ahead of them.It will be fun going on the journey with them.

I am also designing cards for a friend's pet boutique, and cards to refill my stock. (Info on the location to be given at a later date.)

And last, but not least, are two of the fun cards I made which I will probably list on Etsy.  This is how I make myself laugh while working, and eventually someone falls in love with them.

patti o studio


tangled stitch said…
Lovely cards and I'm so thrilled that your friends at work were able to help you go see your daughter. What a wonderful gift of love!

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