I have a busy day ahead of me, with an evening wedding to attend. I am not looking forward to it as I was informed that the room is to be filled with Republicans and my husband and I were told to "behave ourselves". It has been a struggle to find the right clothes for this affair as Larry does not own a suit, and all my shoes for my poor fractured ankle are very practical and earthy. Finally Larry and I agreed...we are never going to see 95% of these people again, so who cares? He will wear his funky loose vintage clothing store jacket, and I am wearing a second hand dress, though I do have to say it is very sexy if I can manage to hold my stomach in while wearing it! I found a sale pair of flat shoes that don't look like combat boots and we might just have to buy that Jerry Garcia tie from my friends music store.

Now I love my girlfriend whose daughter is getting married. But I don't have to agree with her husband who is a lawyer and a Republican, whom I am sure supports this WAR ON TERROR. The very phrase makes me shudder. It is like hitting a child as punishment who has just hit or slapped another child, and you yell at the kid WHILE hitting them and say NO HITTING! The very premise of terrorism is the killing of people and crippling of their economy, yet what do we think we have done in Iraq? We have battled terrorism with terrorism and it is NOT GOING TO END. The stakes just get raised.

An artist friend of mine emailed me today wishing that peace and reconciliation be used as the "War on Terror is not working". He is right.

So for today, put peace out into the world. If you feel road rage, smile instead. If a person growls at you on the line at the grocery store, tell them how lovely their dress, child, or necklace is. If someone is struggling to open a door, open it and offer to help them with their packages. Put love out into the world. IF everyone did this, the world would be a safer place.

And thank you Jonathan, for inspiring my thought for the day.

Love and peace to all, Patti


Anonymous said…
my thoughts exactly, Patti. I have been creating a scrapbook composed of images of this summer of war, a way to vent my rage and despair about this country's direction.

Linda O. (who loved your zine of Totty & Dick)

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