Storm in my head

Part of my horoscope read for today: "all worry produces no good. Use your imagination and seek ways to solve problems".

I try and not get too personal on my blog as I don't think people want to hear more problems. Shoot, you all have enough of your own. I have been told that my life is like one giant soap opera. I would have to agree. I am trying to learn that though I can't control the forces of the universe, I can control how I react. Tonite I am not doing such a great job.

Again, I won't get into details. It entails too much intimacy about my life. Before the shit hit the fan here, I was in a great positive mood. Everything was going great in the universe. Now I feel like it has come crashing in. Balance I suppose.

I will have to keep my horoscope in mind. All worry produces no good. We have our health. It just gets harder and harder to survive and keep one's head above water.

I will try and focus in the good for now. I have three pieces of art in one of the local art shows and my art and a write up was in the local paper, on the organization's website, and on the show card. The organization was very kind in doing that and I am thankful for the PR and brief spotlight that I share. In case you want to check it out go to There you can read the blurb and see one of my pieces.

Today I was volunteering for the local art organization to put up some posters, even though I did not really have the time. I figured ah, why the heck not, it was a cool but lovely day, and I was yearning for an excuse to go for a nice walk. Along the way I met a woman who had a lovely new shop who is interested in seeing my work and gave me a gift of natural lip gloss from her shop (how kind and awesome is that?) Now a personal secret---I love my lip glosses and carry a few with me at all time. ALanna has learned how to say "lips?" whenever we are in the bathroom. At 2 she knows to grab the purple chapstick, take off the cap, purse her lips, put it on, then smack her lips together.

I met some nice construction guys when I asked to put up a poster in a window of a building they were renovating. I think they were fishing around for info and a date, but their good humor and kindness were a perk to the afternoon.

OH and the photo is one of the infamous storms over Cozumel.

Today I posted some great Thanksgiving postcards both on Ebay and
They sell quickly and I don't make many of them so take a click over there if you like..links to your right on this page.

Ciao for now, Patti


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