An Event at BARD College

I am off and running again today to Westchester to visit my sister and her two year old. Imagine, I am a grandmother to a baby who is the same age as my sister's child! We are going to a community picnic and doing lots of running in the sprinkler as it is going to be hot hot hot!

Afterwards, it is Kingston's first Saturday where all the galleries have openings. I took a "risk" and entered two of my ink and watercolors in a show Boats and Rivers. Most people know me for my mixed media work and have no clue that I can draw and paint. Always keep them guessing I say.

Afterwards is another trip over to Bard College in Annadale on Hudson, where Daniel Fagen met Walter Becker and formed the band Steely Dan. He sings about it in his famous song My Old School (is that the title?) Anyway, there is a wonderful event going on there..the Spiegelpalais is set up and it is now FREE to the public with movies and performances by the like of Steve Gorn and others. Last night we went to see The Blue Angel, a 30's movie with Marlene Dietrich. Here is the link in case you are interested in more information. It is here through or until the 20th of August.
It is a trip back to the turn of the century!

Off to get ready to go. I promise more zine reviews, and I feel a blog entry coming on about Mr. Mel Gibson......

The picture above is one of my collaged greeting cards using paper from the early 1800's!

Ciao for now! Patti


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