The Grass Isn't Greener

The grass won't be greener than in my very own garden. Alright, so lots of it is weeds and varying shades of green, and brown with just a hint of green left after little rain and heat, but I love my house and my yard. I get very sentimental about it as I get ready to embark upon a trip.

Tomorrow I head to the Riviera Mayan to a resort that looks the size of Rhode Island. Beaches, jungle, caves, snorkeling, swimming, lake pools, parasites, giardia, Montazuma's revernge, hurricanes, sea lice. STOP IT STOP IT I scream to my voices. Isn't it enough that I have not slept for two nights, am PMSed to the max and I just did a show that was a lot of energy!!!! Unfortunately I will probably get my period on the plane or when I land, and be sick as a dog for a few days; thank God that they make medication for that!

The resort is all inclusive which means I will be eating and drinking my way through the compound. I have one week to recover, then it is back to the craziness of school.

If I have computer access I may try and write to you all, and unless the computer has some nice grapic program on it, there might not be my usual artwork to post along with my musings.

We shall see. At any rate, don't jump ship as I have ONE MORE ZINE review to do, from the queen of zines.....and I am SURE that I will have some very interesting stories and new art to post!

:) patti who forgot to pick up a small Spanish handbook. Sigh. I only know how to curse and say very bad words in Spanish thanks to my students.


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