I have been back 5 days now and have only seen glimpses of the sun. I keep saying a prayer that it will come back out so that my friend and I can spend one hour relaxing by the pool soaking up the sun before my massage. Yeah, I know, life is tough during the summer when you are a teacher, but hey, I work like A MAD WOMAN the rest of the year, making art, running a business, and teaching full time. Then I need all summer to get my house in some kind of human shape before it all starts up again. Oh, and clean the studio and STILL run a business. But I do get myself centered, tan, relaxed and re-energized so I can keep ticking....

It has rained here almost every day since I got back, and not the brief later afternoon or evening showers of the Caribbean. The painting I put up for today is another storm painting, with the buildings of Cozumel in the background. It was not raining that hard as you could still see the island, and WE could still swim and be in the sun!

I wanted to tell you more about the hotels we visited..the final one being
the Royal Hideaway. Oh my God. Lois told me it has been on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, or some show like that, and no wonder. A cross between Caribbean and Italian architecture, grand rooms (with repros of Da Vinci, Raphael et. al.) restaurants, BEDS WITH CURTAINS BY THE SEASIDE in which to READ, private pools, etc. I think as an all-inclusive it is 150.00 a day per person. But it is insanely luxurious and otherworldly, on the ocean next to where I had stayed. I do not have a time share, but am considering one. I would have to make sure that I fit money into our budget so that we could go away every year. I have managed to get away fairly often, as I have friends on the Cape, my sister lives near NYC, and Lois my other friend has a timeshare which she has graciously shared with me a few times. But Larry and I don't get away together much and I feel badly when I leave and he can't come. (he does not have the hours and same vacations at times as I do.)

We work so hard...for what? To keep the bills paid and our asses at home?NO I SAY!
I am going to have to do some hard thinking about this and figure out how to either make more money just for this, or how to cut other things and save. My health has cost me thousands alone over the past 2 or so years, and though one cannot put a price on that, it is frustrating that I have to pay so much to live healthily and be as pain free as possible. I know, I am not a minority, most of the world doesn't even have the word vacation in their vocabulary. I am just going to keep envisioning vacations and take as many breaks as I can in between all that I do in order to stay sane and relaxed.

Check back in another week and you will see how successful I am in maintaining my attitude as school will be in session and the place I work is very very difficult and energy consuming. Ah, but I do love the kids and look forward to spending some time with some very special teens this year!

Off to the studio to fill some orders! Ciao, patti


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