ZINE REVIEW: A Glimpse of Asia

This was another zine I received in the summer Gleaner zine swap. Made by Toni Cooper it is 4.25 x 5.5, and consists of pictures and text with a stapled binding.

This zine gives little snippets of info about a mix of Asian culture and symbols; the history of the fortune cookie, Japanese Geishas, Confucius, Spirit Money, and Panda Bears. One side is an illustration of the subject, the other a paragraph. It gives you just a tiny bit of info...enough that you might want to research more if you are interested. I liked the little handmade fortune cookie made of felt. Enclosed was also an envelope of various collage materials for one to play with; I especially liked the beautiful piece of brocade as well as the painted slide holder and sponge painted tag, all ready to make your own mini work of art. Toni can be reached at dcooper8@austin.rr.com.

I have a small collection of Geisha art images which I have collected over the years as well as a Geisha paint-by-number which is one of my favorite retro art pieces. There is so much to Asian culture that I don't know and would like to take a course on it! I am disappointed that most of my education was about the western world, and I feel like there are huge gaps in my education. That will HAVE to be remedied in order for me to have a larger understanding of the world.

Off to finish the movie The Motorcycle Diaries. It is beautifully filmed and it takes one from Argentina to Peru. Movies are one venue to expand one's horizon, especially the foreign films.

Tomorrow I will review the zine INSIDE. Sayonara, Patti


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