ZINE: St. Dymphna's Quest

I have not written in a few days due to the ungodly heat. Here in the northeast many of us don't have pools or central A/C making this 100 degree weather horrible. I keep telling my husband with global warming and menopause looming ahead, I have got to have a pool. But again, another expense occurred, no pool, and Patti is hot and whiney. (see my earlier post about my being a "pool ho".) I wonder how I am going to do in Mexico in a few weeks. Hopefully the Riviera will have a breeze and keep it manageable!

Back to zines; this tiny little zine has a cover that is reminiscent of Munch's "The Scream". When folded it is 1.5 x 3", unfurled it is a foot long. The zine series is called "Still A Little Crazy" and is Issue 2. I cannot read the author's name very well...last name being Russell, but her email is wingedwoman.2004@yahoo.com for more information on her zine and ATC's for trade.

I had to do some research on this saint as I never learned about her in Catholic School. What I discovered was disturbing and and sad. It told of things that the nuns did not discuss; death, incest, and murder. I will leave that up to the reader to do their own research as it deserves more attention than I will give here, but the site of her death cured the insane and possessed, and her relics were reported to cure epilepsy and insanity, and she is the patron saint of much more than insanity.

The author breaks each accordian section up into subjects such as small pleasures, little collections, little gallery, small dreams, tiny fears. It is a combination of collage, cut text, and hand lettering. It gives us a small glimpse into the personae of the author. There is also a tiny envelope of images and a milagro.

Hopeful and disturbing, this little zine has a lot of punch, and I have to give kudos to the author for having bravado and giving us a glimpse into her dreams, fears, and passions.

Till tomorrow! Patti


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