Meet Stan, he is a man who is all ears. He listens intently to every conversation; catches subtle murmurings behind the curtains. He is quick to report any hint of danger to Dick. He fears Totty is up to no good.

Stan is one of the characters in a little ditty for the zine which I had better consider finishing this weekend. Just a little poem about the tale of Totty and Dick titled Eat Man, Drink Water. Inspired by a collage, a title, and PMS. Oh, and an ex-husband. One of my friends who saw the dummy of the zine said, oh, is this part one of the Burning Bed series?!! hehehe (in an Eddie Murphy kind of way)

Kidding aside, Stan is an antique photo, collaged with paper using encaustics and xerox transfers made into the wax.If you live in the "tri-state area" which means NY, NJ, and any one of the other nearby states like CT, MA, VT, PA, etc...a workshop at R and F Encaustics in the city of KINGSTON, NY is a must. They have four hour workshops for 40 ish dollars or three day or more intensive workshops that are 400 ish. Great fun, you get to use their wonderful studio and supplies, and I always come away with SOMETHING fun. They just moved to a new location; I will have to check them out. The owners are great people, as well as the staff. And if you are in Ulster county, there is Woodstock, Rhinebeck, and mansions up and down the Hudson for inspiration and fun. The Center for Photography in Woodstock (where my dh works) is a place to hear famous photographers give a slide show or lecture, or viist Bard college and hear a concert in one of their many venues.

Off to the Saturday market uptown. I need some veggies to go with my abundant lettuce garden. Have a great day and enjoy the sun!



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