ZINE: Plastic Dino

Now this zine took me right back to my childhood, and to my children's childhood, and it will become part of my granddaughters childhood. PLASTIC DINO was published for the Gleaner Group summer swap by Val Roberts. The zine is 4 x 5.5" in size, is printed on a nice cardstock, the illustrations and text printed onto the stock and then hand colored with watercolors, gouache and shimmery paints, and has an envelope of inclusions!

The illustrations are delightful, and the details in the painting so much FUN. Val relates to us the history of her plastic dino collecting, starting with the visit to the Sinclair Dinoland Exhibit with Granddaddy Roberts in 1967 where she got to see plastic dinos produced and got her own warm plastic hot-off-the-press dino. It was the start of a lifelong love affair with her dinos. She tells her story of collecting in a fun and humorous manner. I especially related to the Dino Raygun (I bought one for Alanna for Christmas last year) and the story about Bob, her class dinosaur mascot who turned up missing one day. I cracked up over the WANTED poster that she designed. I now need to find a dino that has sparks that fly out of its mouth when you wind it up just like her hers.

Val includes an envelope of dino-goodies. One of those capsules that you put in water and a sponge or plastic dino appears. I will save that for Alanna's bath time. There are dino cards, a dino bookmark, dino stickers and a wooden dino that I am going to make into a magnet. Alanna loves to play with magnets on the fridge.

Val tapped into the childhood of my past and the childhood I now live through my little granddaughter. It is always a gem of a creation when something can take me there and this zine will be part of my collection for a very long time.

Val can be contacted at varoberts@aol.com

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