The Living is Easy

I am a pool ho and I am not ashamed to admit it. (I don't know how you spell "ho", but I bet if I asked my students they could tell me.) I don't have a pool, can't justify it in my budget.

I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE the heat when I was younger, but now as I age and my hormomes become a bit shakey, I have less tolerance for the heat, and the humid hot days of the northeast KILLS ME. That means I might hurt you if you take the last bag of my favorite chips, or cut me off in traffic.

I don't have central air either. Many of us here in the northeast don't, and those of us that live in older houses shut all the windows to try and keep the cooler night air in till we can't stand the stale air.

There is nothing like floating around in a pool on a raft with a drink or a bottle of water in hand. I am spoiled as I have several friends who have lovely inground pools where I can escape to once in a while when I just can't take it anymore, or they invite me over. I always carry a suit or a change of clothes, and a towel in the car, ready for any water action adventure that I might encounter. I have been known to hike up mountains out west in 100 degree weather as long as I knew there was a stream or a pool in which to dip.

I will help you cook, clean, walk the dog, clean the pool, ANYTHING to get a dip in your water. Well, almost anything. For THAT I get a season's pass. (only kidding Larry)

Today's photo was taken in New Jersey at a great seafood restaurant in north Belmar. We stay at the Morning Dove Inn. It is a wonderful place..and it is only a block from the beach.

Off to the docs---and then to a pool. Today it is 95 degrees...and Gina called me up for a dip. I have bought a bottle of wine and am going to head up there soon.

Cheerio, stay cool! Patti


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