This child is lucky. She is alive. She survived her gestation, her birth, and has made it to almost two. However, her emotional scars may be many due to the condition of her mother. Alanna is my granddaughter, conceived on a battlefield in Iraq by my daughter, nearly miscarried and almost aborted due to Army "error" and "neglect". Her mother is emotionally scarred with PTSD and many other unexplainable physical problems that remain untreated. Perhaps they will both be lucky. Maybe my daughter will find treatment for her physical conditons that will work and allow her to live a long and productive life. Maybe she will seek treatment for the nightmares that plague her and the demons that chase this 22 year old girl who was "found" by a modeling agent but chose to serve her country. It was a choice that she, her daughter, my husband and I, and others in her life will pay dearly for the rest of their lives.

For what? For lies, deception, for greed, for power.

I am angry-no I am FURIOUS.

What inspired this diatribe is the headlines that 34 children were killed in Lebanon today. We can send a rocket to the moon and bring it back. We have technology that is beyond most of our imaginations, but humankind can't figure out how to play nicely. I am disgusted with all the countries that have no value for human life.It is barbaric. And the US of A is guilty of partaking in this cycle of violence and murder.

I have always been an optimist and I believe in the good in people and in honesty.Yet I am struggling with my beliefs when I see what is going on in the world. I am not politically educated, though I try to be. It is so complicated that I would have to spend my life studying politics to sift through the propoganda on both sides and find the truth in between the lines. But it does not take a rocket scientist to see how we are destroying the earth and one another every single day.

I believe in kharma. I hope I am not around when our kharma comes back on us. Some religious groups say the world is ending. My 82 year old neighbor believes that the signs are all there and she is ready to go to a place of peace and love.

Tomorrow's post is another zine review. Today I felt so strongly about this that talking about art seemed trite. Thank you for the ear, and put love into the world.



Gypsys said…
I am speechless. I cannot say anything because you said it beautifully. I stand in the gap with you.

I wish I could some how make it better.

I am at a lose for my true words.

Your grand-daughter is beautiful and I hope that she does not carry the scars of her mother through her life...but we all seem to some how, and we all have to work out our own journey...and some times it is lonely...and some times you have people standing in the gap for you.
nancyO said…
ah, poots. i was wondering how amy was and your lovely grand, as well. we are so good at flag waving here, but so ridiculously bad at tending to our wounded. my heart aches for us all as well as those innocents who are now being chased with missles and shells for the desires and demands of old men. sad. i hope you are able to find moments of peace and cool. war IS hell.

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