I got back late last evening from my little mini vacation to visit my friend at the cape with another friend. We had a blast! We went whale watching, which was splendid, and we saw many humpbacks quite close frolicking in the ocean. It was breathtaking! We played in Provincetown, drinks and dinner at the Mews for a few hours, then hours of shopping and wandering the bustling streets. The air was warm and breezy and we were feeling soooo fine. Walks on the beach at sunset and shopping in boutiques. I love the Health Food store in Orleans; it carries wonderful Anti-Bush collaged cards and my all time favorite card company, Three Bad Mice from England. I purchased two books which I will review soon, THE CREATIVE LICENSE by Danny Gregory, and THE WRITER'S WORKSHOP IN A BOX. I am really digging this blogging, and it is time I honed my skills.

Of course I came back to 250 emails and orders and conversations, and spent today catching up with business and not writing my next review of zines. That will be for tomorrow's morning cup o' java!


The watercolor was done at my picnic table looking at the sun setting in my neighborhood.


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