ZINE: ArTchemy

ArTchemy: The transmutation of any item into art by Debrynda Davey was done for the Gleaner Zine Summer Swap.

This zine is a visual delight, well written, and is very well laid out. Clean and crisp, printed on nice heavy stock and is 5.5 x 8.5", bound with comb binding which is embellished with a fiber and gem.

Debrynda equates making art with the magic of the alchemy; the conversion of one substance into another. She discusses her love of making backgrounds, which is pure alchemy in and of itself; using diverse, sometimes unlikely materials to create a final surface upon which to work. She has graciously shared parts of her collection with us by using them in mini works of art which are carefully mounted throughout the zine. She also provides us with delightful HIGH QUALITY inclusions with which we can make our own art, as well as a board to make it upon! I can't wait to use them!

I was fascinated by the section on symbols and delighted by the web info for reference. I know I will be using this site in teaching my art classes! Thanks for sharing that!

I enjoyed the text which provides the reader with information about alchemy, an area which employed the sciences, philosophy, art, medicine, and religion. What struck me most was the fact that besides wanting to turn other metals into silver and gold, alchemists "wanted to create a universal panacea--a cure for all diseases so people would live indefinately" Art is a panacea for many of us, a balm for the emotions and turmoil that exists inside the soul.

Debrynda is an alchemist who has taken simple pieces of paper/images/text and turned them into a gem of a book!! For futher infomation she can be contacted at brendee2002@yahoo.com.


I will be reviewing a zine a day. I may be offline for a few days, but then will pick up the reviews when I am back online.

PS: Visit my Etsy link to the right of this blog to get a glimpse of the zine that I produced for this swap!


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