Last Known Address by Niku had me engaged from the very start with the stories that relate Niku's moves to different states and countries. As someone who has moved many times, I could so relate to the house hunting, the struggles to make something less than perfect a place of peace and safety.

Niku's descriptive writing was captivating, and the way she portrayed it on the page gave it an even more interesting edge. The drawings, stampings, and little retro enclosures were really fun and spunky. Her variation in type and placement as well as combining handlettering with typewriter was fresh. I enjoyed the little mini zines that were in the book. She starts out in Michigan, then lands in Canada, Belgium, Minnesota, North Carolina, and is now in Texas.

Niku sounds like a really cool woman as she lives a full and creative life, as is evident in her writing. I wish her the best and hope that she found a wonderful place to live with her partner, and that someday we get another installment of her life in a zine! I would like to hear more about her involvement with Ms. Films and her travels and her art of living!

5.75" c 6", printed on colored papers, hand bound, and the painted key on the end gave a nice touch! Thanks Niku for the most entertaining read!



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