New Studio work

I passed up entering any work into WAAM this afternoon because I could not stand the thought of driving my work up to Woodstock after a very busy day at school, when I could more wisely spend that time in the studio making art.

I have three landscapes at the Varga Gallery, I have to finish two paintings for the Donskoj Holiday Show, and I am planning on entering a piece or two at the ASK Gallery. I also have the art/craft show at Unison in early December, and I need work for that. How many places can I show???

This year I am creating a body of whimsical and decorative art for the fair. I will show both paintings any my collage/mixed media work. As always there will be everything from auto-biographical art, to humor from my Nursery Crimes Series, and some small landscapes. I will have handmade cards, and a few ornaments and other smalls, though I am not making as many smalls as usual.

Part of the art journey for me has been not making myself crazy about what I bring to the fair. Each show is different, as each year I am different, and though this is not a good economy to sell larger pieces, I have the need to make them. I will have some ornaments, magnets and such, but they will not be in the quantities that I usually make. I remind myself "jack of all trades, master of none".

Here are a few pieces which I am working on (still in progress). I use unusual antique images and items in my work as well as frame many of them in antique frames. Lots of glueing, framing, and painting to go yet. But a little very day gets it done.

Feedback always welcomed.

Patti O Art


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