The Knave of Hearts

The world is eating my time up in large chunks. Over time at work, studio work when I can grab it, personal and family legal and health matters. Good thing my estrogen is on an even keel this week, otherwise I fear I might not have made it through.

How do I find a way to keep sane, to laugh, and to play? Those moments between my work and family responsibilities, I make things like this out of papers and images rescued from old ripped books and antique papers. I play with words. I play with images, I play like a child. Sometimes I laugh at my own stupid jokes, and interact with my supplies like a child does with his blocks and soldiers.

This uses very old block printed wall paper, and images and text from an old antique linen book. It is stained and imperfect, but that is what I love about it. As I age I have an affinity for the imperfect and for the rejected, and give it a new life.

I still have not finished my painting. I am not ready. I need the light and a few hours, neither of which I have much of these days. But then again, the weekend is almost here.....

Patti O


tangled stitch said…
I love the whimsey of your work. just beautiful. It's been hectic here and I don't have half as many things going on. I hope you find Peace and tranquility somewhere along the way.

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