Clubbin It

Last night was a hoot, going to the club with Larry-both of us decked out in costume. I ran into a work buddy there, who was not in costume, and while I strutted my stuff in a sexy 20's glam girl outfit I looked at him from across the dance floor, and put my finger to my lips - as in "YOUR LIPS ARE SEALED".

I danced with friends, and even a few times with my husband, to wild crazy techno music that you free style dance to whatever way you see fit. There is something about being in costume that enables me to be freer and really not care either. Or perhaps it was the blood punch.

This club had mist, an elaborate strobe/light system, and was complete with a very drunk pole dancer that was trying to wrap herself around anything that moved or otherwise.

I have not been to a club in years. Back in the 70-80's, for about a 1o year period, I was a club girl. First it was the Joyous Lake in Woodstock, when it was the original Lake and you danced to the best rock bands like Johnny Average, NRBQ, and many more. And of course, there was Disco Linda who rocked the place with disco from the Average White Band, Earth Wind and Fire, the Rolling Stones, Donna Summer.......Then when I had a car and could drive further, I frequented the gay clubs - Deja Vu and the Maverick as they had the best dancing in town. There was a few stops at Joe's, and Prime Time too along the way.

But then kids came along, and that was the end of that. Dancing became infrequent, something only done at weddings and a very rare night out to hear some music.

Until last night.

Enjoy the pics, we sure had a great time - Larry took the one of me in the house, and he did a self portrait shot in front of CPW.

Patti O Dancer


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