A quick blurb, because I want to get the reminder out in case you did not go out to vote today yet.You have one hour left.

I think the best line on Facebook courtesy Gloria was "if you don't vote you have nothing to say". I say, you can only complain if you voted. Otherwise, zip it.

I am bit concerned however about how accurate our polling people are. I just received a phone call from our alderman, and he asked for Larry. I asked him what was this concerning and he replied: "we checked our records and they indicate that he has not voted". "Oh yes he HAS" I replied, still fuming about the last conversation we had about my flooded studio. I wanted to tell him that if he weren't running unopposed, I would have voted his ass out the door. "How long ago did you check them?" I inquired. "A half hour ago" he replied. "WELL, I AM A BIT CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR RECORDS" I snorted.

In hindsight I should have made him go back and check them again, but at 7:30+ at night, I did not want to talk to anyone.

Kingston strikes out again.

Regardless, go out and vote, and hope that your vote COUNTS.

Patti O Polling Place


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