Fire and Ice II

My sewing machine was getting quirky, so I had to finally bring it to the shop.
It is from the early 70's, and has never been serviced, and has sewn many things over the years. Its primary focus the last 10 sewing years has been sewing together paper. I was forced to paint this weekend, as I could not make any cards.

I wish I could keep each version of the paintings I make, as at times I look back on a particular stage and think "maybe I should have stopped right there". But then there are times IF I stop "right there" I am not learning, so I push ahead into unknown territory and make the mistakes, and most of the time, learn from them.

I like the spontaneity of the acrylic painting that I posted a while back of this painting. It was my blocking in coat, and I was very loose with it, knowing that I was going back into it with the oils. Yet I could not leave it as I am anal, and there were parts that did not work for me, and I had a decision to make. Go back into it with just acrylics, or paint in oils...of which I chose the latter.

The oils are so much more creamy and sensuous than acrylics-I liken the two to skiing: oils are like skiing on hard packed snow and acrylics are like hitting granular snow that's been in the sun all day.

This is layer two. I had to stop as I was beginning to make mud, especially in the lower heaves of ice. Perhaps in the next day or two I can do some touching up and resolve the bottom half of the painting.

This scene is very bittersweet. It was the landscape of the every changing Hudson that I observed from fall to winter, as I drove along it to my daughter's house when she was very sick from the chemo. Often I would photograph the light on the ice, and
the painting speaks of the coldness and difficulties of the winter, but is resolved with the beauty of the landscape that I so love....

Off to The Elephant, and then work on the house which is a MESS.

Patti O Ice


tangled stitch said…
It's beautiful so I'm glad your sewing machine is on the fritz. Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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