And If I Die....

I ventured back to the "sunless room" as I now call it, with WKZE blaring in the background. The refrain "I'm coming home" from some folk singer is playing on the station on all four speakers that Larry has hooked up - easing out into my space, influencing my thoughts, whether I like it or not.

The blog I was intending (and still intend) to write was going to be "And If I Die", became influenced by what is going on around me, and merged into "and if I die, I'm coming home"- with a little devil in my head conducting a background trio singing "to torture you, to torture you". But I digress, and go back to the original blog AND IF I DIE.

AND IF I DIE is directed to my dear husband whom I love and adore, but who needs direction, like any man.


Please remember to clean the tub
the cat litter
and the toilet.
And to pay the bills
for the
heat, electric, insuranceS-house and car/s
(especially now since you now have my convertible),
the phoneS, cable/Internet,
which I have so lovingly kept paid.
Keep the coffee off the counter
the hairballs off the rugs,
and the spray from the electric toothbrush
off the wall.
Watch where you walk
in the backyard.
I have never stepped in dog shit
while you always seem to find it.
Change the sheets before
they turn brown from the sweat of nightmares
and sweet dreams
And if I die
remember that
no matter how crazy I was,
I was always crazy in love with you.

Dedicated to Lars.....

Patti O


Judy Vars said…
If I Die
What a great sentiment but are you feeling sorry for yourself?
Patti Gibbons said…
I do suffer from SAD....and that probably affects me...GREATLY. THis was written in humor, and I was laughing the whole time I wrote it. Now YESTERDAY I was feeling sorry for myself, lol.

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