Count Down

I gave up Lois's party today to work all day in the studio. I hope she forgives me. I have three shows to get ready for next weekend; paintings for Donskoj's Fire and Ice winter show, the ASK show, and the Unison show on Saturday and Sunday. If I don't make money next weekend, I going to have to do some creative selling to pay the heating bill-or bring the paints inside.

For the most part, I am using what materials I have, including frames, and not spending money, making art with the detritus of my studio and my mind. I did not make the ornaments, jewelry and magnets that I usually have, mainly because I have tired of doing small labor intensive little things. If I have to do little, I will stick to my cards. BUT I did design up a lovely group of ornaments with antique paper, garnished with authentic vintage rope tinsel from the 40's or so. And those are lovely, glittery, and hopefully seductive....

Here are a few photos of a calendar I am going to list on eBay tomorrow. In nice shape, has about 15 cardboard pages, printed by the chromolithographic method.

Tomorrow is a luncheon, then I hope to spend a few hours working. Sadly I work best under pressure, so we shall see what kind of miracle is to come!


tangled stitch said…
I work better under pressure too, I don't know why. the calendar looks lovely and I too am thinking of a way to use what I have. Good luck with your shows!

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