Before and After

I have not been writing much because I have not been in the mood, had time, and would rather not bore you, my readers, with constant whining; all it does is make people not want to be around me. And honestly, I have not wanted to be around myself.

I have too much estrogen flowing through my body, which is feeding a rather large fibroid. When I was a teenager I used to PRAY that I would get my period like every other girl I knew, and now I pray that it will go AWAY like other women my age.

But no, the hormones keep pumping. Between them and the fibroid, I am experiencing nausea, pain, and things you don't even want to know about. My options? A surgical procedure that I am not thrilled with (very painful) or a hysterectomy. Or do nothing and be monitored for a few more months.....I am on a mission to find a natural path who will fix my hormones, which in turn will make my body a much nicer place to live. I have a few names, and once I clear the financial part of it, (you KNOW that insurance won't pay for this, and I want to see if my Flex Plan will at least reimburse me for what I have to lay out) I am trying a more natural way first before letting needles and knives go near me.

Because it was my birthday last Tuesday, and Larry's this Tuesday, we escaped to the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Mass, for a mini vacation. We had a wonderful time doing things we love to do..going for a stroll, eating, watching movies, sipping on hot cocoa in Peace, Love and Chocolate, while looking at Vogue magazines on their plum velour sofa; Larry looking at the fashion photography and who shot them, and me, shooting photos in the place while glancing at the fashions. Larry enjoys shopping more than I do (how strange) so we popped into a few small shops to do some holiday shopping.

It is a wonderful escape to be able to get away to a place that you don't have to clean, answer a phone, or cook at. We did only what we both WANTED to do, and it recharged our relationship, refueled our creativity (in art, NOT in the relationship, hahaha) and was very peaceful.

I need to go put away my overnight bag, and get a good night's sleep. Here is a before and after photo from my mini vacation. I know, so silly, but sometimes I just can't resist....

Patti O Break


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