Dials, Switches, Numbers OH MY

As I was getting off my last connection last night, I passed the cockpit, its instrument panel lit up in the late evening darkness. I stopped and was both amazed and overwhelmed by the array of dials, digits, and switches. I had wished for once that I was the last one off, and had whipped out my camera for a photo.

"How do they read that"? I asked myself. I can barely keep track of my speed, gas gauge, and engine temperature on my car. Add the GPS and I am almost over the edge with visual information while I am driving. Its enough to make me twitch and prompt a migraine.

Which brings me to the Wii...my four year old granddaughter is better at Mario Kart than I am. On the Wii---I am a LOSER. I can barely figure out how to steer the damn thing, never mind knock people off the road, use the track layout to figure out the next turn, note where I am on the track, capture icons that give me super powers, and know when to use them. I was such a poor driver that I actually made not only myself dizzy, but those watching me play the game. Only I would need the barf bag for a Wii game.

I have figured it all comes down to a primitive hand-eye coordination and a small processor. Are there exercises that can fine tune that? How do they train the pilots to read all of that? How much training does it take? Can I be trained?

On that note..if it were finely tuned, would that make me a better artist?

Hmm..breakfast for thought.

Off for a wash and a wax.

Patti O Circuit

Photos taken as I was boarding the plane. Got off the boarding line to take them.
Taken with an old Canon PowerShot A75


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