Packing it In

Wow..I am really behind on blogging. Being a full time grandmother has changed my whole routine dramatically. But the time given to her was time well invested, and when I get back I will be back into my creative mode and paint and write on a regular basis.

We fly back to Kentucky tomorrow 11:23 flight out of Albany, arriving in Kentucky around 4. One two hour lay-over, perfect for a bathroom break and lunch with Ms. Alanna. I am well prepared, with coloring books, stickers, crayons, notebooks, raisins and pretzels in my carry-on. '

I cried a few times today, thinking about bringing her back. We have settled into a comfortable routine, even finding friends her age to play with.

It has been an incredible experience, to spend so much quality time with her, at a point in my life where I am mellow, stable, have enough money to do what we want. Larry and I nurture and give her lots of life experiences. It doesn't hurt that I have the summers off, and that Larry has lots of vacation time that he has taken to spend with us. We have the time to give her one on one or TWO on one attention, something parents can't always do, especially with other young children.

In observing and thinking about life these past few weeks with her, I don't know how parents survive parenting, having a relationship, and taking care of their own needs in order to stay sane. It is such a delicate balance and juggling act, while learning what it is to be an adult.

I will be in Kentucky a few days to help Alanna adjust back into home lift, to see the fabulous little Randy who will be 1 very soon, and spend some time with my daughter and her husband before the long spot of time sets in where we don't see one another.

Photo by Larry, (Alanna's first sparkler) who has made a lot of pictures in the last few weeks. This photo is so magical.

Ms Patti O Grandma


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