Taking it Slow

The flight was great. Alanna was great. I have been enjoying my laid back time here, Megan and Dole cooking for me, and playing with the kids, meeting more of their friends.

The weather here is crazy, going from 77 with cloud cover, to over 90 when it shines in between the clouds. I haven't felt weather this warm since the last heat spell in NY...was it in May?

The storms here are strong, stronger than I care for. Thunderstorms are severe, viciously throwing bolts about the flat landscape. Tornadoes blow through more often than I care for. Dole said to me: "if you hear hail, head to the laundry room". "Why?" I asked. "Breaking glass?". "No" replied Dole. "Tornadoes". The week or so before one touched down on base, and the strong winds tossed their glass topped table and chairs about; miraculously the glass survived.

It is a strange place, this military base. A canon shoots off every day at 5, followed by the distant sound of lone horn floating over the rolling hills. Periodically rounds of ammo are heard from the range, and helicopters are seen moving back and forth; I still hear them as I type.

I can't drive here unless I apply for a temporary permit, I can't shop at anything save for the food courts on base. The housing is modest, the lawns carefully groomed, dotted with the toys of children, driveways filled with an interesting array of cars and trucks.

I am the foreigner here, with my Long Island accent, sometimes doing yoga on the lawn. But I am always welcomed, often with southern hospitality. A drink, a bite to eat, and kindness.

I'll keep NY however, where the temp these days rarely hits 90, tornadoes are a rarity, and severe thunderstorms pale in comparison to what visits here. I'll take the snow and the "rudeness of NYers" (though I beg to differ on that), as it is home, and what I know and love.

Photos of a window by Gate B11 at the Albany Airport....which also has wonderful rotating art shows...ah New York.

Patti O Traveler


Judy Vars said…
cool pictures

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