Day #5 - It's a Zoo out there

Our day started with a 10:30 am play date at the park which meant hot sweaty running around and then a visit to our little city zoo.

The "zoo" has been in existence for years, and thanks to some local support, keeps getting bigger. The animals look a bit rough in my humble opinion, though since I have not grown up on a farm, I am not sure if this is how all animals look anyway. One goat has a stiff leg that won't bend, one of the white deer has a tumor on it. A bunch of the birds have feathers missing on their backs, though I SUSPECT that it might be because the males keep jumping on them for some YOU KNOW WHAT. One of the rabbits is morbidly obese, the sheep is dirty, and the bull is over his hocks in mud as his entire pen is a mud hole (no wonder with all the rain). The llama is a pill, and I haven't seen it standing upright yet. The peacocks seemed well enough, as did some of the exotic birds. I wonder if these animals are rescues or rejects, but children of all ages still seem to enjoy seeing and feeding the animals.

We wanted to feed the animals, but some ruffians had stolen the machines, so we were empty handed. BUT you are allowed to feed them carrots, lettuce, spinach and POPCORN (Alanna was amazed at that) so next visit we will hit the garden.

Afterwards was a visit to the bagel shop, where I devoured my everything bagel slathered in cream cheese and butter. The digestive system is on the mend, and since my cholesterol is AOK, I figured why not.

The rest of the day was a wash-out due to heavy storms that deluged us with rain, and wind that tore down tree limbs and damaged by nearly 5' tall tomato plants. But the day gave us enough sunshine to enjoy it for a while, and a rainy afternoon gave me a chance to clean a bit and relax.

Off to figure out how to save my business. I opened up my investment statement, and have lost 1/3 of my hard earned money. I keep saying over and over, "it's only numbers" and shoved it under a pile of papers.

Patti O Zoologist


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