Day 6..7..8...same rain different day

It's not funny anymore.

Each day seems the same as the day before, and the day before that. Sun, then clouds, then rain and thunderstorms, more sun, then a repeat of clouds, rain, thunder. The grass never dries out enough to mow, and my basement smells damp and moldy. The driveway and my studio roof are growing beautiful green moss, as green as any I saw in Ireland. I don't know if I sport freckles, or mold all over my body. My allergies tell me that it's all mold. Anything is possible when you live in a rain forest.

Every time I put the top down on the VW, even if there is NO cloud in the sky, I am in it for a few minutes before a big dark cloud comes out of no where and rains on my parade.Up till today I have second guessed the clouds and remained dry. Then my luck ran out. One shower forced me to pull over and put up the top two blocks from home, the other appeared out of a sunny sky, with a handful of innocuous clouds dotting the sky, which were apparently saturated with moisture and decided to squeeze it out over my car.

As I type I sit in clothes barely dried out from sitting on a wet seat. I sport Medusa style hair. I have grown another appendage, called an umbrella. And my granddaughter says to Larry: "I think she's married to the weather box"."

I heard a rumor that the next few days will be dry. I hope it is true.

Tonight's photos are of the sun setting in my back yard. They remind me of a Magritte painting that I have loved since I was a teen called The Empire of Light, pictured here. And there was light, and it was all good.

Patti O Pond


annie kelleher said…
next few days... sigh ... as i type this...t he skies are darkening and the clouds are rolling in... LOLOL OMG - the word verification is "ismoisto" LOLOL...

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