Decisions, Decisions

Another glum rainy day in the Hudson Valley. I did not feel like going out today, and was totally into grunge. Hair in a bun. Unshowered. No bra. Old jeans and a tank top. No earrings, NO LIPSTICK.

I spent most of the day working in the studio, cleaning up messes, making cards for WHO I DON'T KNOW as no one is buying them right now and listing them in Etsy, where I sell very few. Sometimes I wonder why I keep doing it. Making these cards I mean. Few people write any more, at least not on paper, never mind blank cards that require a bit of penmanship and creativity to say something on one's own. Yet I still like making these miniature collages, and in the past they have paid my studio heating bills, though this year, I am not so sure about that.

Yet with the recent rejections of my mixed media work, the loss of a fab client, and a very slow market, I keep seeing the signs. PAINT Patti. PAINT. Fads come and go, styles and techniques go in and out of style, but paintings hold their own. And, for a long time, collage was my way of avoiding the paint, hearing that little voice clamoring in my brain saying "you're just not good enough to paint". What I have learned is that if you do enough of anything you have a passion for, you will get to be a master at it.

Perhaps it was the rejection, or the encouragement of others to keep painting, but I have been packaging up my antique paper collection into lots to sell. I will never recoup the value of this collection, especially not in this economy, but it is taking up space, and whatever I can get will be put towards my art bills. The worst thing to do is to sale out my art work, so I will liquidate my art supplies that I have collected and don't use or no longer need so that I can keep the studio open for - painting.

Tonight's little card was made after I found out that another one of my pieces was rejected. I still have a shred of hope that the other piece will make it in, but I am not holding my breath.

I will know more tomorrow!

Patti O Artist


Anonymous said…
HMMMM, my work was rejected too.... I guess I stopped taking it so seriously, or caring or something...I just can't stop doing it. Anyway, my ex is successful, and he is a miserable person, so figure that out!!!! KiSS p.s. I love the sky painting I have of yours.
Anonymous said…
I guess we both wrote prematurely. Congrats to us both getting in the main event!!! woohoo...couldn't have done it without ya...en extra large
Judy Vars said…
Hi Patti,
I really get what you're saying about the cards and painting, I do it also. Keep some of your collection and when you need some diversion then do some cards and collages. It helps my creative process to do collages and assemblages.
Keep painting!
tangled stitch said…
I am having similar problems with my medium and am currently revamping everything, everything, everything. It's not an easy time to be an artist, not for the muse, and not for the head that much either. But oddly I can't stop because without my stitchery and yarns there is nothing to tame my wild heart so onward and forward and I am hoping you the blessing of prosperity !

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