Goin' 'round in Circles.......

The rain is pounding down upon the tin roof where I type. I would like to be enjoying the rain, like some of my friends on Facebook who are posting cozy fuzzy comments like "enjoying the rain while reading, sipping wine to the humm of the droplets". And all I can think is PLEASE GOD, DON'T LET THE STUDIO FLOOD. I didn't get to do a clean up before the downpour.

With each downpour of rain I become more and more agitated and despondent - sure that I am going to need the plastic bags, gloves, wet-vac, towels, and have to spend hours of tomorrow cleaning up water and possibly mud. I keep remembering Katrina and the damage it did, and then feel guilty for feeling put out by the mess and inconvenience.

You think by now I would have nothing on the floor, and keep everything in plastic. But studios don't work that way; especially mine.

It's bad enough I am perseverating on water, but after reading some FB posts, I think I have tomato blight and did not know it. I noticed some yellowing leaves with spots on the bottom of the plants, and I did not think too much about it. Ah, just the lower leaves, forget about it. But now I suspect blight, which could wipe out my entire tomato garden (which is quite some garden with 1/2 dozen or more varieties).
So another thing to obsess about till I get out there in the daylight and start to do damage control.

Of course, OCD would not be complete without the woodchuck problem. I might have to buy a Have a Heart trap and be done with the borrowing it from my ex-father-in-law. I will keep him, however, as my relocation advisor/assistant. With any luck the pouring rain will flood their home by my foundation, all the mud will cave in, blocking off the entrance. Then I will pour all of my broken up rocks down there and stomp them in good.

Rain.. blight...woodchucks. OH MY.

Here is a video for you all going 'round in circles tonight.....


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