Look Familiar?

If you think this painting looks familiar, it indeed is. It is the painting that was born from the photo I took of the Hudson River from Olana, and has been my Blog photo for a while now. Perhaps I will change the photo to my painting when I have a bit more energy.

The landscape has been my passion for 30+ years, and only now am I listening to voice that has plagued me for years -- to paint. In graduate school I studied that art of the Hudson River landscape painters as well as American art and craft, and it is only now that I have totally joined with them in spirit by painting the very land that they painted 100 years ago.

When I am not painting I have been having too much fun. Lots of parties and openings with wonderful people, music and hoop dancers. Lately I have been doing a lot of living, and very little writing about it. And that is OK too.

Today was an hour and a half yoga class after not going since March. My knees, hips and back were very unhappy with me, but I shut out their whining and will keep it up to gain my strength back. I am thinking I will try on my in-line skates and see if my ankle will tolerate them. When I skate, it is the closest I can get to flying. Downhill skiing also gives me that rush of wind, the glide of the ski and the blades akin to the flight.

The rest of the early afternoon was rather rainy, so I finished up this painting.
I persuaded Larry to hop in the car and head to the corn fields in Hurley. Those pics are for another blog.

As I write I feel so fulfilled. Yoga, painting, photography, and a touch of gardening for my body/mind/spirit. A dinner made with garden/farm fresh produce. A gin and tonic, and some Mozart. Life is good. And if there is one more chocolate left in my candy box, then life is even better.

Hedonistic Patti O


I love that I can feel the Hudson from here. It is indeed a powerful and beautiful energy.
Andrea said…
"If you paint it, they will buy...." Ok, that was corny. Anyway, the painting is beautiful.

WV--synat, as in, "Make sure you synat painting, Patti!"
Anonymous said…
You're right...I love it!

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