I'm IN!

I have spent the past few days painting, and not writing. I can't seem to do both in the same day it seems, so I am writing early.

Hours pass seamlessly while painting, quiet save for the meditational music that I play, or the occasional phone call that I take. Before I know it the day has slipped away, the sun rising and falling (when there is sun) and I feel like I have been in suspended animation. I remember hearing Deepak Chopra talking once about this "suspension of time" and the slowing down of body functions which can happen when an artist is deeply immersed in his/her work. I totally understand it. It's like a deep meditation.

The paintings have been struggles. I have learned some things, while becoming frustrated with others. While I have some colors and methods down, others challenge me. I have made mud in parts, and already don't want to fall into formulas and composition ruts. I also have to learn when to stop a painting and accept it for what it is, and leave it. Each one is its own learning experience.

Good news...I was accepted into the Woodstock Artist Asso. show "Energy, Spirit and Vision". The piece I posted here, "Light Flight", was made after an intense dream I had. A spiritual awakening, a call of sorts. My fabulous Jungian therapist interpreted the dream yesterday, and it is uncanny how I illustrated the interpretation in the artwork. The muse and the spirit was with me on this one.

May he/she continue to visit. The grasshopper said so.

Patti O Artist


annie kelleher said…
tangled stitch said…
congrats and I hope your piece is the first one sold it is to die for!

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