I have laid low the past few days, spending time with Alanna that has been wonderful for us both.

I broke away for a hair appointment with Lois, after which we jetted off to catch a quick Cosmo before a movie in Red Hook. Tuesday is 4.00 night there, so we were bound and determined to see SOMETHING.

We ended up seeing "My Sister's Keeper" which I thought was a light movie.


I cried through the entire movie. By the time I left the theater I looked like I had smoked up big time. I ducked into my car, and drove home into a horrid storm, watching the light show over the mountains, wondering what town was being slammed with a severe thunderstorm, only to hear that 2" of hail and sleet landed an hour south of us. No surprise.

The movie was tough. Cancer in a child. Heart rendering decisions. Love.Desperation.Death. Healing. All too close for me, but yet on some level I need to watch such movies and garner what I can from them NOW, when I am strong.

Today was a double date with Lois, the twins, and Alanna. They played for hours together, and Lois and I just sat and watched, doing crossword puzzles, reading magazines, playing with the kids, with a view of the mountains and the occasional rumble of the Amtrak train along the river to break the silence of the woods and pierce the laughter and singing of the children.

Life IS beautiful..

Patti O Play


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