I  stole the idea of having a Feng Shui sale from gallery owner Christina Varga.

I  fully intended to bring several pieces to her  January Feng Shui sale where artists were invited to bring art to sell at prices to move it on out.  

I ended up getting sick, unable to pull together and price the pieces, so as a result, I decided to do a sale in my Etsy store.

The prices are cheap. Some are even horrendously cheap.  But I am ready to let them go, which is sometimes difficult for me to do.  I get very attached to my work, but now that I am doing more, I cannot hang nor store everything, so I am starting to move out the art that I feel I can let go.

Now there are those that say an artist should never do this. It would be better to give or throw the art away than to offer it below its retail value.

But THEY, whoever they are, are not paying my studio gas bill, or the fees for the organizations and shows that I enter, nor framing bodies of work that have no guarantee of sale.  And, I have never been one to follow the rules in the first place.

So friends, need art to grace a spot in your home with nothing on the wall? Need a Valentine gift for a loved one/friend? Stop on by my shop P.A. Gibbons at Etsy.  And soon, once I get back into the studio, I will be listing some lovely Valentine cards!!




tangled stitch said…
Good luck! I too am playing with pricing and art and it's a tough road to hoe, but I think clearing out your space for newness is probably the right way to go.

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