Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen

Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down
Oh, yes, Lord
Sometimes I'm almost to de groun'
Oh, yes, Lord
Nobody knows de trouble I've seen
Nobody knows but Jesus
Nobody knows de trouble I've seen
Glory Hallelujah!
I am glum.  About as glum as Eyeore. 
I always avoid the Eyeore type, and here I am, going Emo on myself.
I started cooked dinner, and decided in the middle of it that I no longer wanted to eat.The last few days have been surreal, some of it in a nightmarish crazy way, others in beautiful magical mystical ways. Both extremes intertwined around one another in a fight for who will win. 
don't point your finger till you know where I've been....
'cause you don't know the trouble I've seen....
I goin' for broke to be Emo Queen....
oh no no NOBODY knows the trouble I've seen....


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