The Red Chairs

A long time ago, I wrote a  funny blog called "House of Broken Chairs", about my shabby chic, but sometimes dangerous chair collection. In fact, several times over the past few months, people have commented on the ricketyness of my chairs.  I shrug, and tell them "it is the best I can afford" and tell them not to rock, and have warned some of my friends (which is anyone who weighs over 150 lbs) against sitting in certain chairs lest the bottoms fall out.   

Recently a good friend of mine told me he had a set of 6 MATCHING chairs from Crate and Barrel for sale.  He sent me a photo, and Larry looked at them and said "THOSE ARE THE UGLIEST CHAIRS I HAVE EVER SEEN".  I told him that I was going to see them---that perhaps they weren't the red/orange/mellon color that came to me over the Internet.

Sure enough, computer/camera/monitor colors were off, and they were indeed what I had hoped for.. a deep rich cherry red, a color which seems to be  taking over my house.   It was love at first sight, and today I picked up four of them.  Are they my "magic wand" chairs? No...but they look pretty damn good, are solid, very comfortable, AND were a price I could afford.  I will have to make or buy some covers to guard against the cats, but liven they sure up the room.   Wallpaper came with the house, but eventually it will be stripped.  We still have not recovered from doing the kitchen, hahaha, but someday I will take it down and then paint the room. Besides, it will take me a year to decide what color to paint it as  I agonize over color, painting swatches of pieces of watercolor paper until I get the right hue.

So my friends, you will not have to fear my dinner invites any longer. All is good in dining land.

Patti O Chair


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