Why Women Live Longer

I have been sick the last few days, and have been home trying to heal myself.

Normally I only take sick days when I am deathly ill, but as of late I ask myself, why wait until I am half dead to take a sick day, when I should be resting and healing as soon as I get ill?

The past few days I have had a headache and a rumble in my chest which is a precursor to the usual bout of bronchitis that I seem to get when I feel like this. Instead of working myself till I have full fledged bronchitis, I decided to stay home and drink my ginger tea potions and rest so that I can AVOID getting it this winter.

Larry seems to be getting what I have, and came home with a horrible headache. I made a very humble dinner, and he sat at the table holding his head, moaning.I had already given him some medicine to make him feel better, but it obviously wasn't enough.

He was up all and down all night, tossing and turning, keeping me up, which I wouldn't mind save for that he didn't take any more headache medicines which I had suggested. When I get such headaches, I find the nearest pain reliever and take three and head back to bed. Would he do that????? As a result, I got up at 5 AM because I could no longer sleep.

I know that women live longer than men in cold water because they tend to have more body fat to insulate them (yay to the mid life bulge!)I think they also live longer because they know how to take care of themselves (for the most part) and take what is needed to make them feel better and heal.

What if every time we got sick we did nothing to help ourselves, and laid in bed moaning, while the babies cried, the children ran around like hooligans?

We can't.

We do what we can to feel better and drag our sorry asses around, cook and clean, feed the masses, and collapse at the end of the day into a sleep so sound that there IS no tossing and turning.

I remember being in Ireland, with No. 1.5, and he got some kind of bug. He was so miserable to be with, that me, Miss Travelphobia, hiked alone for a day, into some unknown region of the countryside, through fields of fuchsia and unfettered cows, onto a main highway, which thankfully led back into the village. I returned by sunset only to find him still moaning in the same position.

Men - you can't live with them sick, and you sure want to be like Margaret (Episode 4 of the Tudors) when she kills her newlywed husband - the sickly old King of Portugal, by snuffing his lights out with a pillow.

I am heading back to bed. Larry has gone to work, and I hope that the next batch of women he is with can deal with him better than I can.

PS photo is a card I made from a vintage comic postcard.
Sort of fitting for this blog....


tangled stitch said…
Hope you and Larry feel better. And your post was very accurate!
Woodstock said…
please don't snuff out my buddy with a pillow? I got the sniffles so we can hang out and be miserable at the opening tomorrow and cough on children together.


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