Totally Extemporaneous

Lately no time for art.  Work, then appointments of all kinds.  Physical, eye doc, therapist, naturopath,   PT and dentist. And that doesn't even account for the tests that I can't keep up with.  Bone scans, mammos, blood work, pap smears, blah blah blah.  My doctor yells at me because I haven't gotten my yearly blood test (did I mention I hate needles?) and hangs the phrase "non-compliant" over my head. 

Sometimes I wonder if it all is necessary. 

Eventually, out of guilt, I will slink off off to the lab and make it very clear that they get one chance, and one chance only, to get my blood.  I have tiny veins.

Tonights piece was fast, spontaneous -  think of it as  a sketch in photography and digital art.Three of my paintings arranged with leftover Christmas decor, along with my yard sale chalkware Jesus pasted into the foreground.  I probably seem a touch irreverent as I have titled it Jesus on the Hudson.  But what else would you expect from me?


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