A Jump on Valentine's Day

My motto for my cards is "Give your love a card he/she won't forget OR throw away."

Each card is one of a kind, made with antique Victorian paper (no copies-the real thing), and they are made with love, lust, humor, and visits from the muse.

I have been designing cards for some 15 years now, and mainly sell privately.  In the past they could be found locally in card or gift shops -  however, with boutiques going in and out of business these days, I  am only selling on Etsy, or, if you know me, you get to see what is in my recent stash of cards I have made.  

You have NO IDEA how much fun I have making these cards.  I don't have much time after work to paint, but I can get into the studio for an hour or so, and come up with new cards WHILE cleaning out my stash of antique and vintage papers.  Each time I go through a pile it is like treasure hunting; I never know what will come out of it.   A card, an idea, a blog, inspiration for a painting.

The cards I am showing tonight can be found in Etsy, the link being listed below in my blog.
They are truly small treasures, and a fabulous buy at that.

Here's to LOVE.



tangled stitch said…
They're beautiful!

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