It is all trivial

I could not get in the mood to write this week.

Between the earthquake in Haiti and the untimely death of a ex-student's father, I felt that anything that I wrote would be trivial compared to the pain and suffering of so many.

Though we feel assaulted and pained by the images we see on the news, we will never know how horrible conditions are in Haiti.   We aren't bearing witness to the sounds of suffering, the stench of the dead and dying, the despair of those who have no water, food, or medical help. And THEN to hear the comments made by those such as Rush Limbaugh and others....who have gone over the top to show the  world what stupid, ignorant,  disrespectful, and morally irresponsible human beings they are.   
I hope they don't call themselves Christians.  Yes -  I am angry.

I  searched for an organization that would accept a donation through Paypal.  Many that I had links to only took credit cards, which is a no-go for me these days. I found  the  Avaaz Foundation.  I made the first of my donations, and will be listing some lovely antique botanical prints  on eBay - and 20% of what I make will go to Doctor's Without Borders.  I can't do much more as Paypal and eBay take their fees, and I need to make some money to keep the studio bills paid, but every bit that we can do is a part of giving to our brothers and sisters in need. 

The funeral was for the father of a student that I am very close with.  She is one of the success stories and a teacher's dream and is in her first year at St. Rose College.  She emailed me the morning after he passed away,  and asked if I would come to the wake and funeral with a few other staff from the school.

I was her age when I lost my father.  I was in my first year of college.  The pain of those times still smarts if I think about it too much, which I have a tendency to do when I go to funerals.  Overthink things, dwell on morbid memories, project things.  Then I remember the law of attraction, and I promptly stop..

Back to the funeral... the priest gave a wonderful sermon  about how material goods and people are gifts from God...and we should enjoy them and be grateful for the time that we have those wonderful gifts.  It was a soothing thought, and it brings one right back to the necessity of living in the present and enjoying the gifts that we have.  Problem is, that concept  is something learned with life experience I fear, and some of us never quite get it before it is time for us to depart the human body.  I am trying like hell to "get it" and "practice it", whatever "it" is, but I suspect it has a lot to do with love, compassion, respect, concepts you do NOT know about Mr. Limbaugh.


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