That is the word of the year after responses to my last blog.


Clutter, paperwork, businesses, cooking, entertaining, my art.

As a result, I have been cleaning up piles, throwing things out, giving things away, selling things - which in turn will help make my life both emotionally and visually calm and more focused.

One of the books that I read this past summer was Rightsizing Your Life which was an excellent and interesting read, and it gives ways to help de-clutter one's home. I think I have the book Voluntary Simplicity buried somewhere in my house, and as the piles disappear (several already have) it will be discovered, at the exact moment I will be ready for it. (I believe that everything happens in its own time)

Part of this need for simplicity and change has been greatly influenced by my dealing with my aunt and her sister's estate, the fallout from their OCD/hoarding disorder, which is having a major impact on being able to clean it and sell the house. It is so bad that the estate could be lost...and I am one of the benefactors. That is for another story.

Off to clean a bit more.

Today's photo is ultimate simplicity. They know how to live.
I need to take note.

Patti O Cleaner


花花世界 said…
Judy Vars said…
I too suffer from the dis-ease of packratizm it's a ballancing act to keep my needs and wants to a minimum and saving everything only to throw it away later and grieve over the tossed treasure.

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