Pirates on the Hudson

Today was pirate day at school, and thanks to Rhona, I was well equipped to pull off some nearly authentic Arrrrrs in school.

Many of the staff dressed up, as did Rhona. She was the most splendid pirateress of all, and I was willing to take second place besides her. One of the students said: "you look like a peasant next to her!", and I have to agree. But what a happy peasant I was.

I love participating in events at school; it shows students that we know how to play, and how important in life it is to play. I am so adamant about teaching kids to get excited by the simple things in life, and to be in touch with their inner child. Do they think I am a bit nuts? Sure, but they smile, laugh, and even one of the boys coveted my corset.

After school, I went down to the Rondout (the waterfront on the Rondout Creek which feeds into the mighty Hudson) to have some photos taken by the boats, and walked by a few threatening the owners with absconding with their vessels.

Walking about was a hoot in full costume. People looked. People laughed, a few growled Arrrrrr....Some were like WTF is up with these chicks? The best part was the drive back home w/the top down.

Here's to me mateys of the world, may your sails be full, and adventures abound!

Patti O Pirate


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