If I were a Baby Boy

This photo is what I feel like right now..if I were a baby boy.

Poor Randy, my little grandson, is done with his spaghetti dinner and really wants to go to bed. Patti is also done with her dinner and wants to go to bed too. Only I have my shirt on and am not quite so dirty.

After a long day, topped off with a Union meeting that has made me even more nuts, I am ready for some R and R. I can't WAIT till I retire, and in the genre of Frank McCourt, I am going to write a book called "Teacher Woman". You'd never believe the shit that goes down where I work.

Estrogen still crashing, and I am debating as to whether or not I am going to go away w/Larry for the weekend. At the very least, we will do some day tripping, and get some meals along the way.

Hey, that could be a song from the Estrogen Devils... "Meals Along the Way", aka, "Yep, You Wanted him Gone"....

Feeling evil. Be scared, very scared. Another song on the CD: "Methinks I have made some Enemies but I Don't Care". Last song on the CD might be: "Mother Never Told me it was Going to be Like This.

Patti O Devil


annie kelleher said…
i hope you make it to one of carla's workshops!!! xox... annie

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