The Last Big Hurrah

I have packed in an awful lot this weekend.

Dinner with Larry Friday night, then Jazz Fest Saturday evening after a day of chores/work, on Sunday a hike to Poets walk with Larry and then dinner at our house with Karen and Phill, and today was a trip to the Renaissance Faire with Rhona in Sterling Park, NY.

I am exhausted. Laundry needs to be folded, and I need to figure out what I am going to wear to school on the first day..which is just meetings and such.

But I will sit there, a bit shell shocked, but smiling, because I know I filled up every moment of my summer with many experiences...and will continue to do so every day AFTER work and on the weekends. (my new mantra to help me get through the difficult days..)

I am sure you wonder..gee..does that woman EVER sit still?

Not much. Ask Larry.

In fact, I had better find him to spend the last few minutes of the day.

Till the next one, Patti OOOOOOO

PS Playing dress up in Rhona's closet was TOTALLY fun, and I partook in my first parade EVER..representing Moresca, the company that made my Renaissance clothes...more on that another time.


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