The Estrogen Devils

I think if I were to be the lead singer in a punk rock band, I would title it "The Estrogen Devils". You know - the kind of music that makes you want to kill your own kid, or the puppy that just pooped on the floor.

My estrogen is crashing, as is my reasoning, my patience, my ability to laugh.

Then again, sometimes I question if my recent outbursts of standing up and shouting I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE is my hormones, or is that I have reached the end of my tolerance for ignorance, abuse, shoddy workmanship, laziness etc.

Today I reached a new low and though the sun was shining and it was 80 out, I was slumped in a chair, feeling like nothing could make me happy. My school day ended up with the sink flooding in my art room, ruining things, and making a horrid smell from the trap. After writing letters to my supervisors *this has been going on for a year and maintenance hasn't fixed yet" email...I slunk home looking a bit like Wiley E. Coyote behind the wheel of a silver convertible.

On his rush to work, Larry suggested a bunch of things. Studio? NOPE I AM SICK OF WORKING. Nap? I DON'T WANT TO GO TO SLEEP. Go to the pool? OH IF I DO THAT THE SKY WILL TURN BLACK" were my retorts.

But I was craving something....a ride, a drink, food, food on a deck, and I picked up the phone and called up Karen, who suggested burgers at Madalin's in Tivoli, and I knew then that was it. The panacea for my ragged psyche.

Homemade veggie burgers, with sweet potato fries, and a delightful handsome young man to serve us who purred "oh yes, I will bring you a large RAMEKIN full of sauce" The way it rolled off his tongue into my lap was priceless. The facade cracked, laughter spilled out, and I was almost back to my normal self.

I still don't feel well. I suspect sometime tomorrow I will be feeling a lot worse, but at least medication can take care of that.

The only medicine for my recent dark cloud was a good friend, a good meal, a bright charming young man, and the lovely Catskill Mountains at sunset.

Patti O Bruiser

PS my idol - marathon runner friend Karen, whom I have been friends with some 20+ years. We used to race together. I can't any more, but she still amazes me with all the races she runs and wins! She dared to ride with me to what turned out to be a very therapeutic dinner for the both of us.


Andrea said…
If you start ordering giant rubber bands and TNT from ACME, I'd take some time off, Wile E.

wv: adists--people who put up with annoyances that are just short of pain.
Judy Vars said…
I looked at the Varga Gallery it's sooo beautiful, congradulations for having peices there.
Your friend
Anonymous said…
Please use that anger to call Gadeletto's and tell them to stay open later!!! I got done with court in Esopus and was so looking forward to either some crab cakes or paella and was denied because they close at 6pm on a Tuesday? What the eff is that?

I ate garbage when i came down to NJ. Bleccch!
Patti Gibbons said…
Hey, I wonder if my school has an ACME catalog???????? What, Gadeletto's was CLOSED? HOW DARE THEY!!!

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