Woodstock Openings this Saturday

I am thrilled to have one of my new paintings, never shown before, at the Woodstock Art Association/Museum show "The Other Side of the Mountain" which opens at the gallery this Saturday, from 4-6.

It is one of my larger 24 x 30" oil paintings of an Olana sunset - mostly sky, with just a hint of mountains at the bottom. A small acrylic sky was rejected at the Small Works Show, but I have to say, if I were to choose between the two, I would rather have it be the upstairs/main gallery showing.

This makes the second painting to get into a show. I know you probably think...what's the big deal, but as someone who has always beenan insecure painter who didn't paint for a very long time, this is a joy.

I can't think back to my past, as it does no good. But once in a great while I ponder, "what IF my parents supported my art and my paintings" However rather than the what-ifs, I chose to go with "look what I am doing NOW".

The other two pieces are at the Varga Gallery, two new works that have not been shown and are mixed media pieces. That opening is 6-8, with music at 8.

It has been a challenge however finding time or energy to get into the studio. I am hoping that once I get on a schedule, I will have more impetus to spend a few hours painting. Right now, I have such little drive. School is sucking up all my energy, and all that is left is a little for cleaning the studio some more, and selling papers online as I need to earn some moolah for the heating bills for the studio.

Oh and PS don't forget to catch the openings at the Woodstock School of Art, Oriole 9 and The Dog House Gallery, right outside of town on the corner of Glasco Turnpike and Phillips Road. If you plan it right, you can catch a majority of them. Makes for a fun night out!

Top Photo: Olana sunset at the Woodstock Art Association (Oil on Canvas Framed, 24 x 30", 500.00)

Bottom Photo: Mon Cherie (mixed media in a fab antique frame for around 265.00--I forgot what the price is) at the Varga Art Collective.
(am also being lazy and posting this in duplicate on my art blog..)


Judy Vars said…
Ever since I was young I wanted to be an artist but used my kids and making a living as an excuse. But some of my artist friends are young mothers very talented and painting up a storm. I wonder how they do it and ask myself why I did not go-for it so many years ago.
Your painting is lovely.

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