I finished my first week back to work at school. I am still in shock, and it has given weekends a total new meaning.

I still am not used to getting up at 5:30 and being in bed before midnight, and don't have the food thing together. Once I am settled in, my classroom is very cozy as I make it my second home. I have a refrigerator, a microwave (both thanks to Larry), a toaster oven, coffeemaker and grinder (got to have fresh organic coffee), water filter, my art on the walls, photos I have taken during my summer adventures posted, as well as opening post cards and more.

I try and teach using as many modalities as possible. Video, music, lecture, notes, hands on, discovery learning, etc. It takes a lot of work at times to do all of this, especially since I teach 6 classes a day, and four of them are different! (never mind trying to make, show, and sell art as a second career)

I raise the bar high in my room, realizing that some will be thrilled with the challenge, while others will barely give it a half a chance. Some sit there and wonder "where the hell is she coming from?" while others look at one another and nod "freak". But most of them listen....and if I make them wonder, or question, or see, than I have done my job.

I finished an art video of my work in iMovie. Whether it will be compatible with my school PC is another issue. I am now becoming quite adept at bouncing back and forth between both systems, but still not sure what things transfer over. I'd post here, but I used a song from WAH! and it is probably I will have to go into the program, remove the music, and save so I can post here next time.

Off to figure out what to wear will be above 70 which means I can have bare legs or cropped pants... I miss the summer --- where I could wear the same tank top and shorts for three days and no one would know..and if Larry did, he didn't say anything!

patti o



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